# pwa.enabled

pwa.enabled: boolean = false

Enable PWA for building.

# pwa.manifest

pwa.manifest: string = 'manifest.json'

Web App Manifest: manifest.json or manifest.webmanifest.

# pwa.workboxSw

pwa.workboxSw: string = 'node_modules/workbox-sw/build/workbox-sw.js'

Set workbox-sw.js source.

# pwa.mode

pwa.mode: string = 'generateSW'

Cache assets and take full advantage of features used to build Progressive Web Apps.

Two Primary Mode

  • generateSW: The generateSW mode creates a service worker file for you, and writes it out to disk.
  • injectManifest: The injectManifest mode will generate a list of URLs to precache, and add that precache manifest to an existing service worker file. It will otherwise leave the file as-is.

# pwa.options

pwa.options: object = {}

The config of the building PWA.

# pwa.swSrcFilename

pwa.swSrcFilename: string = 'service-worker.js'

# pwa.swDestFilename

pwa.swDestFilename: string = 'sw.js'

Last Updated: 4 months ago