# Troubleshooting

# 1. For Chinese developers

# 1.1 Cannot find module 'node-sass'

  • A1: These parameters can be used as environment variable: SASS_BINARY_SITE=https://npm.taobao.org/mirrors/node-sass/

  • A2: As local or global .npmrc configuration file: sass_binary_site=https://npm.taobao.org/mirrors/node-sass/

# 1.2 gifsicle/mozjpeg/optipng pre-build test failed

  • A1: edit hosts: 199.232.xxx.133 raw.githubusercontent.com (find IP by IPAddress.com (opens new window))

  • A2: As local or global .npmrc configuration file: registry=https://registry.npm.taobao.org

# 2. fix([email protected])

# 2.1 TypeError: The 'compilation' argument must be an instance of Compilation

In your project directory, create a file named babel.env.js in your project root with these contents:

process.env.USE_LOCAL_WEBPACK = true;
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